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Installing QHDTV Plugin With KODI on ZAAPTV and MAAXTV

With QHDTV you can watch many Arabic TV Channels:

314 Arabic + 22 Bein Sports + 72 Canal + 36 Sky + 30 Other Package + 29 Box Office

QHDTV is a KODI (XBMC) plugin that can be downloaded and installed on your ZAAPTV or MAAXTV.  To watch the channels you have to obtain a subscription. One year subscription is for $79. If you already have subscription code then you are ready to install and enjoy.

Steps to Install and activate QHDTV:


1 – Install Kodi:

What is Kodi:

Kodi (formerly known as XBMC) is an open source and free software media center for playing, videos, music, pictures, games and much more.  Kodi runs on Linux, iOS, Windows and Andriod.  Your ZAAPTV HD509N or MAAXTV LN5000 is also a powerful Andriod box that allows you to download many Apps from the Marketplace.

Installing Kodi on your Device:

This works only on ZAAPTV HD509N or MAAXTV LN5000 it Does not work on CLOODTV or AraabTV.

  1. Turn on your device and click on Menu on the remote then select “Apps” and press OK then select “Entertainment” and press OK.Install Kodi (XMBC) on ZAAPTV
  2. Using your remote Select the XBMC icon and press OK, when a screen pops up select Install and Press OK. Once App installed select Done and press OK.Installing Kodi on ZAAPTV
  3.  That’s All Kodi is now installed on your Device.


2 – Download the QHDTV Plugin:

  1. Using a PC Download the QHDTV Kodi Plugin click here.
  2. Save or Copy the Downloaded file to a USB Flash Drive.

3 – Install QHDTV Plugin on Kodi (XBMC):

Here is a link to video that shows how to install QHDTV Plugin on Kodi on a PC that might help also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYEBcklWThk.

  1. Plug the USB Flash Drive (that has the QHDTV file on it) Into the USB port of your ZAAPTV or MAAXTV.
  2. Go to Apps ——-> Installed Apps ———> Kodi and press okay to launch the app.
  3. Once Kodi Starts you need to go to System ———-> Settings ———-> Add-ons ———> Install from ZIP Files.
  4. Select the USB Flash Drive
  5. Find and select the downloaded file name “qhdtv_xbmc.zip” click ok.  The plugin will be installed.

4 – Activating your Subscription:

  1. Click Back button on remote until you go back to main screen of Kodi
  2. Select Video ——-> Add-ons  ——> Select qhdtv  and press Menu botton on the remote.
  3. A window will open to ask you to enter Activation Code.  Enter you Activation Code then Select Activate and Press OK.
  4. Press back button a couple of times to go back to the main screen of Kodi.
  5. To view your channels now go back to Video ———>Add-ons ———> qhdtv and press OK.



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